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Most day-of ticket sales end at 4:00pm.

Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited.
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2016  

Vancouver Photowalks presents Granville Island Night Photowalk
Meeting Point: Bridges Restaurant
Time: Sunday, October 23 @ 5:45pm
Half-price Tickets: $57.98
The Granville Island Night photowalk begins at the magical hour of twilight, where we capture the rich blue sky and continue with darker night photography. We will explore scenic Granville Island after dark, learning long exposure photography and light trails, light painting, and creative special effects including shallow depth of field. This photowalk tends towards the intermediate level but is also suitable for beginners. 
A camera with manual settings is required, as well as a tripod. But don't worry if you're missing some ingredients because we're fully stocked! In addition to a kit (or wide angle lens) we also recommend that you bring a prime lens (50mm f/1.8 or wider), but any wide aperture lens will work. DSLR and tripod rentals available 
Firehall Arts Centre presents Mamahood
Venue: Firehall Arts Centre
Time: 4:00pm, 8:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $20.50
"Meet Marie, an extremely deprived first time mother who dares to tell the tale of her descent into motherhood as she travels to an alternate time and place, Planet Mamahood. Her story is told with both humour and pathos, and as unpredictable and strange events unfold, she searches and reaches for help to heal and find her way home. 
Performance followed by a Q&A moderated by counsellors from Pacific Post Partum Support Society. Strong language, mature content-not suitable for children. "
Ticket sales for the 4pm show end at 12pm
Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Trump Card - Winner Takes All
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $14.25
This fall everyone's attention will be glued to a high-stakes game that will affect the world for generations to come - the US election. VTSL ups the ante with its own improvised election game, Trump Card - Winner Takes All, running September 28th through November 19th. Political commentators in 2040 look back to the year 2016 in an attempt to understand how world politics have become so absurd. The US and Canadian elections are re-visited along with other crucial turning points such as the Brexit vote, the untimely disappearance of Donald Trump's hairdresser, and Trudeau and Putin's ‘who wore it best' bare-chest competition. In the second half of the show, the audience selects candidates who will run for world leadership and the show ends with the audience electing a winner. Join us for a timely look at the events of 2016 and their possible impact on the future. Hindsight is 20-40.
Vancouver TheatreSports League presents TheatreSports
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 9:30pm
Half-price tickets: $14.75
Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pit against each other in competitive improv matches. Using audience suggestions to fuel scenes, teams must create totally improvised situations on the spot. THEATRESPORTS® is high-action short form improv full of comic vengeance. 
Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Improv After Dark 
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 11:15pm 
Half-price Tickets: $10.25
"Things heat up with Vancouver TheatreSports League's Improv After Dark. This edgy show is 60 minutes of non-stop, fast-paced no-holds-barred comedy for grown-ups. Featuring a roster of all your favourite improvisers, and a fully-stocked bar, Improv After Dark is a great way to capp off your evening. Please note: these shows are rated NC17 (you must be 17+ to attend). Persons aged 17 & 18 must be accompanied by an adult." 
The Comedy Mix presents Phil Hanley
Venue: The Comedy Mix
Time: 8:00pm; 10:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $12.75
Phil Hanley started standup comedy by performing at open mics around Vancouver, often in between bands at music venues.Phil's style can best be described as unpredictably reflective, delivered with sharp accuracy, and rooted in the grand tradition of joke-telling. 
No minors permitted; comedians are completely uncensored
Western Gold Theatre presents Comfort Cottages
Venue: PAL Studio Theatre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $18.50

Four single, female friends of retirement age are unsettled financially and emotionally. When one of them inherits a forty-year-old motel from her black sheep Aunt, it just might solve their problems. Their lives take a sharp left turn when they move into the truck stop motel and the truckers keep coming.