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Half-Price Tickets

Tickets Tonight sells half-price tickets online only. Half-price tickets are sold on the day of the show and are subject to availability. Half-price tickets go on sale at 9:00am and typically go off sale at 4:00pm. There is a limit of 4 half-price tickets per customer.  Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited.
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   WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21 2018 

Too Fly Productions presents Little Miss Glitz 
Venue: Performance Works 
Time: 8:00pm 
Half-Price Tickets: $18.50 (includes $3.50 fee) 
The original, locally-developed musical follows the story of Isabella, a naïve, starry-eyed girl, as she navigates her way through her first beauty pageant. What seems like a fun excuse to dress up, have fun and get a foot in the door of stardom suddenly turns into a toxic, nail-biting race to see who will be crowned, "Little Miss Glitz." Tormented by her fellow competitors and their self-proclaimed ‘Pageant Moms,' Isabella and her father, Cliff, quickly learn that in the cutthroat world of pageants, no one is safe. You have to fight to survive.

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents TheatreSports 
Venue: The Improv Centre 
Time: 7:30pm, 9:15pm 
Half-Price Tickets: $11.25 (includes $2.25 fee) 
Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pit against each other in competitive improv matches. Using audience suggestions to fuel scenes, teams must create totally improvised situations on the spot. THEATRESPORTS® is high-action short form improv full of comic vengeance! 

RealWheels Theatre presents Sequence 
Venue: Presentation House Theatre 
Time: 8:00pm 
Half-Price Tickets: $17.50 (includes $3.50 fee) 
Is our luck programmed in our genes? Is there an innate ‘right-ness' to biological outcomes that's rooted in our fundamental DNA? SEQUENCE is a fast-paced, science thriller that explores the intersection of math, nature, and spirituality. SEQUENCE explores questions of determinism versus free will via two stories that interweave like a strand of DNA. This production of SEQUENCE will be the first-ever to be performed by an integrated cast, giving audiences a rare glimpse into the lived experience of disability. 
Please note play contains Mature content and is not suitable for children 

Studio 58 Presents: FourPlay - Program B 
Venue: Studio 58/Langara College 
Time: 8:00pm 
Half-Price Tickets: $10.00 (includes $2.50 fee) 
This year marks the 12th mounting of this popular festival of one-­‐act plays, featuring 4 new scripts by current students and graduates, once again under the tutelage of award-­‐winning playwright Aaron Bushkowsky. In two exciting programs, directed by four of BC's best directors, the playwrights delve into contemporary themes with a sharp eye and fresh voice.