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1/2 Price Tickets

Tickets Tonight is Greater Vancouver's only outlet for half-price show tickets. Half-price tickets for select shows must be purchased in-person on the day of the performance.
Most day-of ticket sales end at 4:00pm.

Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited.
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SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016 

Ensemble Theatre Company presents The Romans in Britain
Venue: Jericho Arts Centre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $18.75
"Julius Caesar's Roman invasion of Celtic Britain is contrasted with the Saxon invasion of Romano-Celtic Britain, and finally Britain's involvement in Northern Ireland during the Troubles of the late 20th Century.
Scenes bleed into one another, with Brenton speculating what it may have been like for these cultures to clash; Roman soldiers assaulting young Celts. A Saxon stumbling into a field. An army intelligence officer losing his mind in the Irish fields."


Ensemble Theatre Company presents Betrayal
Venue: Jericho Arts Centre
Time: 2:00pm (OFF-SALE AT NOON)
Half-price Tickets: $18.75
"Playwright Harold Pinter strips away all artifice. Betrayal shows heartlessly that our very capacity for love itself is often based on betraying loved ones, and even ourselves.



A riveting story proceeding through the interlocking love and lives of three close friends; Robert and Emma, who are husband and wife, and Jerry, Robert's best friend since college."



Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Rookie Night
Venue: The Improv Centre 
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $6.75
Vancouver TheatreSports® League's Rookie Night puts our up and coming Improvisers to the test in front of a hungry crowd. Don't let the name fool you, these are the future stars of tomorrow. Vancouver TheatreSports® League has a history of fostering some of the funniest minds of our time. Many of our rookies have moved on to be the next big thing in the North American entertainment scene. Bring a couple of friends and cheer on our "stars of tomorrow"! 



Forbidden Vancouver presents Lost Souls of Gastown 
Meeting Place: Cathedral Square at Richards and Dunsmuir, across from the Holy Rosary Cathedral
Time: Monday, August 1, 8:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $17.15
Explore Victorian Gastown at night on this gothic theatre adventure. You'll follow the lamplight of your guide as you discover the Great Fire, smallpox outbreaks, and the unsolved murder of John Bray. On the way you'll visit the city's oldest hotel, its first bawdy house, and walk its oldest street. Do not expect a ghost tour or conventional walking tour - this is an experience that will pull you in so deep, you might have a hard time finding your way back out...