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1/2 Price Tickets

Tickets Tonight is Greater Vancouver's only outlet for half-price show tickets. Half-price tickets are only available inside the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre: 
200 Burrard St. (at Canada Place Way), Street Level 
Please note that half-price tickets must be purchased in person at the Tickets Tonight booth inside the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre, located at plaza level, 200 Burrard Street. Half-price tickets go on sale at 9:00 AM and typically go off sale at 4:00 PM. Ticket availability is limited and may not be updated throughout the day. There is a limit of four half-price tickets per customer per show.  
Purchase half-price tickets and receive $2 in EasyPark tokens. 

     WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2015

  Vancouver TheatreSports League presents TheatreSports
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price tickets: $8.25

Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pitted against each other in competitive improv matches. Using audience suggestions to fuel scenes, teams must create totally improvised situations on the spot.

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Improv Test Kitchen
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 9:15pm
Half-price tickets: $7.75

The Improv Test Kitchen is an exciting platform for new and innovative improvisational comedy. Over the course of the show, you will witness the latest show concepts in the improv-comedy world - if you think you've seen it all, this is the show for you! This show features the newest, hottest improv shows, presented by a rotating cast of mainstage company members. Improvisers bring show concepts they have developed to The Improv Centre stage, presenting them to you, an audience of mouth-watering, improv enthusiasts.

Forbidden Vancouver presents Prohibition City Walking Tour
Meet: Cathedral Square, Opposite Holy Rosary Cathedral at the corner of Dunsmuir and Richards
Time: 7:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $14.30

In 1917, Prohibition hit Vancouver harder than a slug of bathtub gin, knocking the city to its knees. Saloon doors swung closed for good, forcing law-abiding citizens into an underground world of bootlegged spirits and illicit activity. These ain't the kinda stories you'll hear on tour buses, nor the kind you'll read in guide books. Throw yourself at the mercy of Vancouver's oldest and meanest streets. But be warned, you'll need sharp wits - and an even sharper pencil - to survive in Prohibition City.

Pacific Theatre presents Freud's Last Session
Venue: Pacific Theatre
Time: 8:00pm (off-sale @ 3:00pm)
Half-price tickets: $18.75

Sigmund Freud invites CS Lewis into his home on the day England enters World War II. The result is an electrifying and enriching discourse as two of the most vibrant minds of the 20th century tackle life's most important questions.
Director: Morris Ertman.

Metro Theatre presents The Graduate
Venue: Metro Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Halfprice Tickets: $14.75

Based on the iconic 1967 movie, a disillusioned college graduate, Ben Braddock is trying to avoid the one question everyone keeps asking: What does he want to do with his life?
An unexpected diversion crops up when he is seduced by Mrs. Robinson, a bored housewife and friend of his parents. But what begins as a fun tryst, turns complicated when Ben falls for the one woman Mrs. Robinson demanded he stay away from - her daughter, Elaine.