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Half-Price Tickets

 Tickets Tonight sells half-price tickets online only. Half-price tickets are sold on the day of the show and are subject to availability. Half-price tickets go on sale at 9:00am and typically go off sale at 4:00pm. There is a limit of 4 half-price tickets per customer.  Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited.  Looking for parking near your event?  Find your nearest EasyPark Location   

Metro Theatre presents: Busybody 
Venue: Metro Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-Price Tickets: $16.00 (includes $3.50 fee)

In this brilliant crime comedy, cleaning lady Lily Piper finds the dead body of Richard Marshall, her own employer. Lily is hardly shocked, as she didn't like her boss that much anyway. Problems arise when the police inspector - already annoyed by Lily's interference - arrives and the body has disappeared.
As if that wasn't enough, Richard Marshall - the supposed deceased - comes walking through the door as fresh as a daisy! Now Lily's had enough; there WAS a corpse! And indeed one is found - but now it's Mrs. Marshall's lover who is dead. Busybody Lily is in her element, taking matters out of the miffed inspector's hands more than once, as she solves the case in her own snoopy way.

Yuk Yuks presents Todd Ness
Venue: Yuk Yuks
Time: 8:00pm
Half-Price Tickets: $12.75 ($2.75 fee)

Todd has become an expert at inventing things to complain about. He has honed his comedic skills through years of being a class clown, disobeying teachers and training his upper body.
No Minors

Yuk Yuks presents The Brett Martin Show
Venue: Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club
Time: 10:30pm
Half-Price Tickets: $10.25 (includes $2.75 fee)

Featuring Brett Martin (seen on CTV, The Comedy Network, SiriusXM, and more), a band, and his trusty sidekick Sam Tonning. Each show also features Jonathon Gagnon, Michelle Falck, Jake Reid, live Stand Up Comedy, and a wide variety other guests.
No minors

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents: TheatreSports
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 8:00pm & 10:00pm
Half-Price Tickets: $16.25 (includes $2.75 fee)

Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, two teams of performers are pit against each other in competitive improv matches. Using audience suggestions to fuel scenes, teams must create totally improvised situations on the spot. THEATRESPORTS® is high-action short form improv full of comic vengeance!

Western Gold Theatre and Solo Collective Theatre presents Red Birds
Venue: PAL Studio Theatre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-Price Tickets: $19.75 (includes $3.75 fee)

This play is a bittersweet comedy about three generations of dirt-poor women whose lives are thrown into chaos when a birth mother is revealed who is both incredibly wealthy and ready to marry a charming gold-digger. "Red Birds" is a sister piece to the incredibly popular "The Big Blue Bird", written by Aaron Bushkowsky, then given a workshop reading by Western Gold more than 12 years ago. "The Big Blue Bird" looked at the sad but poignant relationship between three generations of men: a grandfather, father and son. It was subsequently nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script.

Studio 1398 presents THE HOW AND THE WHY
Venue: Aenigma Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-Price Tickets: $15.00 (includes $3.50 fee)

From Sarah Treem, writer of HBO's "House of Cards" and "In Treatment", comes a thought-provoking play about science, family, and the difficult choices that women face. Rachel, a promising young Grad Student in Evolutionary Biology visits Zelda, a world-renowned scientist and pioneer of the field. When Rachel posits a radical new hypothesis to explain why women menstruate, Zelda's own ground-breaking work, the 'Grandmother Hypothesis', is challenged. As the two brilliant women spar over their contrary views on evolution, feminism and generational divides, the ulterior motives surrounding their intense meeting slowly begin to unravel...

Firehall Arts Centre presents The Enemy
Venue: Firehall Arts Centre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-Price Tickets: $20.50 (includes $4.00 fee)

Set in a small town in British Columbia, The Enemy is a contemporary interpretation of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People. Dr. Stockman, played by Jenn Griffin, becomes a pariah when her discovery of pollution in the local Healthy Springs Spa and Water Park threatens the town's tourism industry and economic well-being. What happens when truth is declared not to be the truth and disbelief is spread through social media, ‘fake news' and shoddy journalism? Who is the enemy?