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Half-Price Tickets

Tickets Tonight sells half-price tickets in person only. Half-price tickets are sold on the day of the show and are subject to availability. Half-price tickets go on sale at 9:00am and typically go off sale at 4:00pm. There is a limit of 4 half-price tickets per customer.  Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited.
 Opera Mariposa presents Verdi's UN BALLO IN MASCHERA
Venue: Marpole United Church
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $17.50 (incl.$3.50 service fee)
In Un ballo in maschera (A Masked Ball), a secret love triangle and a political conspiracy collide one fateful night at a masquerade. The opera has a controversial history, having originally been blocked by censors for depicting the assassination of a monarch. Verdi was forced to change the setting, the characters, and even the title in order to bring the opera to the stage. Now, over 150 years after Ballo's 1859 premiere, Mariposa and Heroic are restoring the original plot and bringing Verdi's masked ball to life with a stellar international cast.

Metro Theatre presents Calendar Girls
Venue: Metro Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $16.00 (incl. $3.50 service fee)
The famous story of a group of women from Yorkshire that decide to pose nude on a calendar to raise money for a new sofa in their local hospital waiting room. The calendar succeeds beyond their wildest dreams (and gains international recognition), but has unforeseen repercussions in their marriages and friendships. A play full of dignity and hope in the face of tragedy and one that has become the fastest selling play in British theatre history. Show may contain nudity.

Yuk Yuk's presents Byron Bertram
Venue: Yuk Yuk's
Time: 7:00pm, 9:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $12.75 (incl. $2.75 service fee)
Like a bird flu on international flight, Byron Bertram travels well. His innate talent for voices and accents mixed with a confident vulnerability has taken him across the world and established him internationally as one of the top Canadian comics working today. He has worked on stage with the likes of Zach Galifinakis, Flight of the Concords, and Eddie Izzard; was a hit with the judges on Brits Got Talent, has been seen on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Dirks Gently, Riverdale, and heard regularly on SirusXM.
No minors permitted (19+); comedians are completely uncensored.

Firehall Arts Centre presents Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth
Venue: Firehall Arts Centre
Time: 3:00pm, 8:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $20.50 (incl. $4.00 service fee)
3:00pm Ticket sales end by 12pm
Written by celebrated Indigenous playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth is the gripping account of the "60's scoop-up" phenomenon, in which Native children were taken from their families, their communities, and their culture to be adopted into white households. Dealing with themes of abandonment, reconciliation, identity, and cultural dissonance, this comically rich and devastatingly truthful production, first produced by the Firehall in the 90's, is an unforgettable piece of Canadian theatre.

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Christmas Queen 4
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $15.25 (incl. $2.75 service fee)
She's baaack! The Christmas Queen returns this holiday season with the latest installment in the series, Christmas Queen 4 - Secret Santa. The previous three editions of Christmas Queen saw HRM (Her Royal Meanness) hilariously thwarted in her attempts to ruin Christmas. This year is no exception. Confusion and hijinks ensue when the Queen and Santa exchange bodies in a Freaky Friday-style magical sleight- of-hand. What happens to the Workshop's Toy Factory with The Queen as Santa in charge? Will there be presents? Will everyone receive a lump of coal? How will the experience of inhabiting the Queen's body affect Santa? Will he learn something about himself and her that will change Christmas forever? The answers are revealed as VTSL's ever-resourceful ensemble players take audience suggestions and turn them into 90 minutes of holiday hilarity. No two shows are ever the same thanks to the unpredictable nature of the suggestions and the creative talents of the players.

Forbidden Vancouver presents Secrets of Stanley Park Walking Tour
Venue: Meet at Whale Fountain outside Vancouver Aquarium
Time: 2:00pm
Half-price Tickets: $21.60 (incl. $3.75 service fee)
Ticket sales end at noon
Discover the secrets of Vancouver's legendary Stanley Park. With a professional Forbidden Vancouver storyteller as your guide, you'll explore the world-famous seawall, hidden corners, and wild forested trails. On the way you'll see famous crime scenes, glittering downtown vistas, historic totem poles, secret cemeteries, bizarre public art, and colossal old growth trees. You'll also hear the true stories of why the park was opened, how the Lion's Gate Bridge was built, and the what really went down on Deadman's Island. Recommended ages 14+, tour is 2 and a half hours long.

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Christmas Queen Drag Race
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 11:15pm
Half-price Tickets: $11.25 ($2.25 service fee)
What happens when two queens come together? A lot of racy, outrageous hilarity and wicked wit. Join VTSL's own Christmas Queen with her special guest co-host, drag star The Unstoppable Conni Smudge for five very naughty (but nice) late-late shows Saturday evenings at 11:15 p.m.
The (lace) gloves come off as these two Grande Dames put contestants through their paces in a series of improv challenges with the help of audience suggestions resulting in the 'be-jewelling' of a new Drag Diva. This limited-engagement show runs Saturday evenings at 11:15 p.m. starting on November 25 and will also run on December 2,9,16 and 23. Then poof! it's gone. Recommended for ages 17+

Studio 58 presents WILDERNESS
Venue: Studio 58
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price tickets: $13.50 (incl. $2.50 service fee)
WILDERNESS is based on the real-life stories of six troubled teens kidnapped by desperate parents and sent to a remote wilderness therapy camp as a last resort. This multimedia theatre piece weaves movement, projections and music, revealing these families' stories - narratives that explore issues of mental health, addiction, gender and sexual identity - the complexities and extraordinary pressures of ‘coming of age' in our time. At its core WILDERNESS is about the search for connection between parents and their kids. No latecomers. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Cause & Effect Circus presents The New Conformity
Venue: Presentation House Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price tickets: $17.50 (incl. $3.50 service fee)
An award winning theatrical social commentary packed with high level circus skills. Smashing the audience's preconceptions of the juggling arts, The New Conformity uses juggling as the background of a touching story with engaging silent characters and laugh out loud humour. The show brings to light a universal struggle of the modern age: the comfort of conformity versus the freedom of individuality - all told through tightly choreographed prop manipulation, martial arts and physical theatre.

the Comedy MIX presents Tom Rhodes
Venue: the Comedy MIX
Time: 8:00pm, 10:30pm
Half-price Tickets: $12.75 (incl. $2.75 service fee)
The show is formatted to be your typical late night American talk show but what makes it unique is it's an American experiencing and being taught Dutch culture and society and I interview Dutch celebrities including writers, politicians, rock stars and movie and TV stars. The show is a testament to how smart Dutch people are in that all of their celebrities can come on and be interviewed in English and from what I've been told this is the first show in The Netherlands hosted by a none Dutch speaking foreigner ever. The show is a rib-tickle and considering Holland's progressive laws, the voice of reason in the world courts and the lack of censorship of any kind on their television and in their media it may be hard to get me to leave the land of windmills and gentle people any time soon.
No minors permitted (19+); comedians are completely uncensored.


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