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1/2 Price Tickets

Tickets Tonight is Greater Vancouver's only outlet for half-price show tickets.  
 Half-price tickets are only available inside the Tourism Vancouver Visitor Centre:
200 Burrard St. (at Canada Place Way), Street Level

Half-price tickets for select shows must be purchased in-person on the day of the event.
There is a limit of 4 half-price tickets per customer, per show.
Most day-of ticket sales end at 4:00 pm. 

Half-price listings are updated daily, and half-price inventory is limited. 

Purchase half-price tickets and receive $2 in EasyParkEasyPark tokens. 

We are closing early at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday April 17 for aprivate event. Sorry for any inconvenience!




Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Gorilla Theatre
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 7:30pm
Half-price tickets: $10.25

It's the law of the jungle at The Improv Centre! Beginning April 17th, Vancouver TheatreSportsTM League presents the internationally renowned Gorilla TheatreTM created by Keith Johnstone. Our performers will beat their chests as they battle it out directing each other in scenes, songs and stories. You, the audience, will decide if their scenes deserve your approval and of course, a banana. The director with the most bananas at the end of the night gets the ultimate prize: a week's vacation with a gorilla. Come release your inner primate.

Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Ultimate Improv Championships
Venue: The Improv Centre
Time: 9:15pm
Half-price tickets: $7.75

UIC is Vancouver's most dangerous improv and pits two blood-thirsty teams of improvisers against each other in a non-stop timed challenge. At the end of each performance the audience votes who will be the Ultimate Improv Champion, with the winning team returning the following week to defend their title. "Ultimate Improvisers" are among the best-trained and well-conditioned athletes in the world. While this is a highly intense sport, improviser safety is of paramount concern to UIC ownership and management. Please note - no improviser has ever been seriously injured in a UIC event.


Gateway Theatre presents The Grandkid
Venue: Gateway Theatre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price tickets: $27.75

Abby and Julius are as close as a granddaughter and grandfather can be. But when Abby starts university and moves in with Julius, they must learn to negotiate a new and difficult relationship: roommates. Over time, Julius learns that Abby isn't a little girl anymore, and Abby teaches Julius that life's second chapters can be the sweetest. This warm family comedy reminds us that kids grow up fast but that the kid in us never leaves.


Yuk Yuk's presents Headliner: Tommy Campbell
Venue: Yuk Yuk's Vancouver
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price tickets: $9.75

Tommy Campbell has headlined comedy clubs throughout the UK, North America, Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe and South Africa and he regularly travels to hotspots to entertain the armed forces. Also a busy actor, you may recognize him from "The Dark Knight", "Green Zone", "Doctor Who", "Edge of Tomorrow", "The President's Staff" and "MI-5" plus his appearances on "The Hour" and "Canada AM". He's a two-time "Canadian Comedy Award" nominee and an avid digital sketch creator who's popular comedy shorts have been featured on "Funny or Die".

Firehall Arts Centre presents Proud
Venue: Firehall Arts Centre
Time: 8:00pm
Half-price tickets: $15.75

Award-winning playwright Michael Healey takes on his biggest subject yet: The Right Honourable Stephen Harper. His sexy, cheeky and surprising play will have you rolling in the aisles - regardless of your politics. You may even find yourself liking the man! Proud imagines a different outcome to the last Federal election - the Tories took Quebec and won a huge majority. A young, attractive and very inexperienced female MP provides the Prime Minister with a new tool in his arsenal. Unfortunately for him - she may be the smartest man in the room!