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Firehall Arts Centre presents Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth

  • November 11 - December 02
  • Firehall Arts Centre
  • 280 East Cordova Street
    Vancouver, BC V6A 1L3
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Saturday November 11 - Saturday December 2, 2017

Performance Times: Tues, 7pm | Wed-Fri, 8pm | Sat, 3pm & 8pm | Sun, 3pm | Wed, 1pm PWYC

Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver

Written by celebrated Indigenous playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, Only Drunks and Children Tell The Truth is the gripping account of the "60's scoop-up" phenomenon, in which Native children were taken from their families, their communities, and their culture to be adopted into white households. Dealing with themes of abandonment, reconciliation, identity, and cultural dissonance, this comically rich and devastatingly truthful production, first produced by the Firehall in the 90's, is an unforgettable piece of Canadian theatre.

As the government was closing residential schools in the '60s, it was deemed "in the best interest of aboriginal children" to be removed from their families so they could receive education in Euro-Canadian schools and be taught Christian values in order to become a part of mainstream society. This was not an official policy, but an action that was taken by child welfare authorities. This "scoop" of children reached its peak in the '60s and continued until the turn of the century in some areas of Canada. Babies and young children were taken and placed for adoption with families in Canada, the U.S., and in some cases, Western Europe. In Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth, Drew Hayden Taylor delves into the story of Janice as she is confronted by her birth sister, Barb, and brought home to the Reserve where she was born.

Writer | Drew Hayden Taylor

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