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  • October 21 - October 21
  • Commodore Ballroom
  • Vancouver, BC

Recorded in Los Angeles, Comes and Goes is an album that everyone in the band feels, clichés aside, that they have topped themselves. “Right off the bat we knew this was a special album and that it came together exactly the way we wanted it to” says Smith. “We really believe in this record, and canʼt wait for our fans to hear it.”

The first single from the new effort “Turn It On”, is an up tempo anthem of lust, rebellion, and temptation marked by a catchy riff from Jeremy and an anthemic chorus voiced by Dallas. “We tried to get away from the bad relationship stuff,” Dallas says of the bandʼs direction on ʻComes and Goesʼ. “There are a couple of very positive love songs on this record. Thereʼs one about my son,” entitled “Caught In The Momentʼ”. “Itʼs a song for him. Me and his mum divorced when he was really young. Itʼs kind of a song for him to listen back to, and he can kind of see where my headspace was later on in his life.”

The second single, “Supposed To Be”, is an epic ballad destined to inspire thousands of waving cell phones and cigarette lighters during the bandʼs upcoming tours.

The members of Default are eager to take the new songs directly to the fans that have flocked to their shows and bombarded their Facebook with comments, most of them expressing anticipation for new Default music. “God bless the mall” says Dave sincerely. “We give them what they want, and therefore they reward us by showing up. Without them, weʼd be nothing.”

Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 8:00pm

Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC

For more information and tickets, please visit ticketmaster.ca

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