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Vitaly Beckman presents Sensation of Magic

  • May 18 - May 19
  • Various venues
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An Evening of Wonders starring Vitaly Beckman

Jaw-dropping, mind-bending magic and illusions suitable for the whole family!

Vitaly Beckman is a performer of magic and illusion. He has performed internationally in theatres, at corporate events and on TV and radio shows.

The Belarus-born illusionist began practicing the art of magic at the age of 14. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Aside from writing and performing all original material, he has the distinction of having invented and designed all of his illusions.

His show, Sensation of Magic, includes "Super Vision," where Beckman demonstrates his ability to read books and newspapers, from a 50-feet distance. Beckman can make people disappear from ordinary photographs and appear on another. He also demonstrates object levitation, a paintbrush that paints by itself, escapes from chains using only mind power, and makes drawings of objects turn into the real thing: a concrete example of his belief that dreams can become reality.

"The show is not just magic," says Beckman, "It's about the realization of our dreams and the celebration of the human spirit. With the belief that we are only limited by our own imagination, the audience gets to experience the sensation that nothing is impossible, and that they can realize their dreams, or experience the sensation of how would life be, if there were no limitations."

Presentation House, May 18 & 19

Special publicity stunts on April 10th and May 18th!

May 18: People will disappear from their own photographs (bring photos)!
Please make sure these are not photos that are very dear to you...

  April 10: Can Vitaly predict the news?

He can, and he did!

Time: 8:00 pm

At Havana: $21.75
At Inlet Theatre: $23.75
At Presentation House: $25.75
*prices include Tickets Tonight service fees

Order by phone:
Additional $5.00 per order for phone orders.

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