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2013 Chutzpah! Festival presents Music in Internment

  • February 24 - February 24
  • Norman Rothstein Theatre
  • 950 W 41st Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7
  • Venue: Norman Rothstein Theatre
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Music in Internment
Co-presented with the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

This live musical performance connects audiences to the internment of "enemy aliens" in England and Canada during the Second World War. In May 1940, the British government began to intern all male Germans and Austrians between the ages of 16 and 60, including Jewish refugees from Nazism. Behind barbed wire in England - and later in Canada, where 2,300 were deported to in July 1940 - academics, writers, artists and composers established a vibrant cultural life, boosting the spirits and morale of their fellow internees.

Many of these men and women were accomplished music professionals and world class performers. Some were able to get access to instruments and music, and they were managed to create music that helped them navigate their ordeal and
transcend the often grim reality in these camps.  Importantly, the music written and performed in the camps had not been performed or spoken about since 1940.

In 2008, Suzanne Snizek, a renown flutist and Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Victoria , began researching the composers, performers and lyricists who created works of music during their WW II internment. Ms. Snizek has presented this meticulously researched and beautifully performed music at the University of Cambridge (UK) and in Paris (Fr) at the Ecole Militaire.

The 2013 Chutzpah Festival and the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre will be presenting these important compositions for the first time outside of an academic setting for all to learn from, and enjoy.

Featuring The Huyton Suite by Austrian Jewish composer Hans Gál and selections from What a Life! and Partita by German Jewish composer Franz Reizenstein, the performance brings to life the music composed and performed in the British internment camps. The contemplative evening finishes with a song written by Fritz Grundland, later known as Freddy Grant, during his internment in Canada. This enhanced concert experience includes narration and film presented with the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

Featuring  Music in Internment Director and flutist Suzanne Snizek, classical violinists Mark Lupin (international soloist and former student of Heifetz), Angela Cavadas (Vancouver Opera), violist Sarah Kwok (DMA candidate at UBC), cellist Stefan Hintersteininger (Aventa Ensemble, Sonic Boom), pianist Charlotte Hale (UVic faculty), clarinettist Connie Gitlin (Manitoba Chamber Orchestra principal clarinet), and actor and vocalist Stephen Aberle.

Time: 7:00 pm

Adults $30.24 + $4.25 s/c
Seniors $25.76 + $3.75 s/c
Students $20.16 + $3.75 s/c

Order by phone: 604.684.2787
Additional $5.00 on phone orders

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